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Seats Canada Inc. provides a variety of seats in three categories:

Click on the appropriate hyperlink above to see the full selection. We have also further assisted you by dividing the catalogue in two sub-catalogue: "Knee-action" and "Parallelogram."

For your information:

A “knee action” suspension seat is designed to provide riding comfort by moving naturally with the body at the knee and hip.  A driver is able to adjust a “knee action” seat for his\her individual height and then lock the height position.  The driver may then add air for individual weight adjustment (NOTE: when air is added, the height of the seat is not affected). When the vehicle is in motion, only the back of the seat is moving up and down – meaning that the driver’s feet are on the controls and not moving up and down with each bounce of the vehicle.  Our patented “knee action” seats are designed to absorb road shocks and provide a more natural ride.

Parallelogram action in a suspension seat means that when the vehicle is in motion the WHOLE seat moves up and down in a balanced motion. It is a standard action in most suspension seats.